• Question: have you ever experienced any sort of outerbody experience if so when and what???? :))))

    Asked by benjb018 to Ben, Jony, Katharine, Mark, Peter on 22 Nov 2011.
    • Photo: Katharine Schofield

      Katharine Schofield answered on 22 Nov 2011:

      No I haven’t, this falls into the realm of the paranormal and I don’t think there is much scientific evidence for it.
      I did faint once though, that was a strange experience. I can remember my field of vision going narrow, and I was only seeing things in black and white. My hearing started going muffled too. Very bizarre to feel your senses shutting down. I was OK though. 🙂

    • Photo: Jony Hudson

      Jony Hudson answered on 22 Nov 2011:

      No, luckily never been close to death!

    • Photo: Mark Basham

      Mark Basham answered on 22 Nov 2011:

      No, never experienced anything like that.