• Question: Who first proposed the theory of the big bang?

    Asked by astroaaron to Ben, Jony on 25 Nov 2011.
    • Photo: Ben Still

      Ben Still answered on 25 Nov 2011:

      Fred Hoyle is the man who gave the Big Bang its name, and it is thought that it was initially a jibe or sarcastic comment because he preferred a different theory of the Universe called steady state model. But, the theory itself was, now I find this really interesting, first proposed by a catholic priest called Georges Lemaître: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georges_Lemaître The idea was however attributed instead to American astronomer Edwin Hubble, who was the man who made the first observations that the Universe was expanding.

    • Photo: Jony Hudson

      Jony Hudson answered on 25 Nov 2011:

      Huh, did not know that! 🙂